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Top Tips To Moving Home During A Heat Wave

Moving house is one of the most stressful life experiences we can go through and trying to move in this current blissful period of heat can increase that stress by an uncomfortable amount.

However, if you are tied to a definite date for the move because of financial or legal considerations, or even simply because this is the time that you have taken off work to get your new home set up, there are some hints and tips to help the move go efficiently and safely while you remain as cool and calm as possible.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is an all too common ailment in the summer months, creeping up on the unwary, and keeping hydrated is easy to forget when you’re busy moving. On moving day make sure that everyone has access to plenty of bottles of water, especially if the water at either home is turned off at the mains. Have a moderate-sized cooler box to hand with plenty of cold drinks – water or diluted squash will do the best for staying hydrated, but realistically any drink will do.

Stay shaded

If you will be working out in the sun when loading and rearranging boxes and crates make sure that you have a hat on –broad brimmed hat that casts a shadow over your entire face and the back of your neck are best, but anything that keeps the sun off your head (and ideally your neck) should be worn as a minimum. Keep children and pets in the shade as much as possible and watch for signs of heat stroke/exhaustion. Children can at least tell you they feel ill, hot or thirsty, but animals cannot.

To prevent this occurring keep them somewhere cool, with plenty of water to drink. Remember your pets could also become confused and upset about the move, so the heat can be just one more stressor for them. Some people recommend freezing a bottle of water and placing this near the animal so they can lie as close to it as they like. Just remember to check on pets often, especially if you have put them in carry-cases to keep them contained while the removal men do their job.

Cool the Premises As Soon As Possible

Open as many windows and doors as you can at the new property – without sacrificing security – to get any stale stuffy air out and let in a fresh cooling breeze. As you empty out each room of the old house it may be tempting to close the door on it, like a symbolic ‘tick’ to indicate that room is done, but try not to shut yourself into an ever decreasing small hot box! Rather make a list of the rooms and really tick them off, leaving the windows and doors open to encourage whatever breeze there may be. Once the entire house is empty and tidy you can go around closing all the doors and making sure the windows are secured.

When you know that the weather will be unseasonably hot for your move, you do not need to change any of your plans. Simply incorporate some sensible precautions and make allowances for the heat can help to keep away some of the discomfort and risks of the hot weather.

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