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How To Get Your Property Ready To Sell

All vendors would love to sell their homes quickly and for the best possible price.  But it isn’t always going to be that easy, it can take time. You need to have plans in place, spend a little time on getting your property ready to sell and find a removal company to do the hard work for you.

How your home is presented to potential buyers will determine how fast it sells and the price it sells for. Through proper staging of your home, property viewers are able to imagine living in your home.

Here are some tips on how to get your property ready to sell.

1.  De-Clutter

This is probably the most important and easiest thing to do. Have a good clear out before the viewings begin.  Get rid of things you don’t need any longer and hide things away.  Remove all coats and shoes from the hallway; store products away in bathroom cupboards and clear your kitchen surfaces by hiding appliances, bottles and jars from the counter.

Make space in your home by packing up items you don’t use everyday and put them into a self-storage unit.   Buyers often open cupboard doors as they want to see just how much space is available.  Nothing will deter them more than when they are opening a door, things start falling out.  There are many removal companies who are happy to discuss their self-storage options with you.


2.  Depersonalize


It is worth packing up any personal items such as photographs, trophies and other personal effects.   This will help to prevent potential buyers from being distracted and will help them to imagine their own personal items in your home.

Oversized furniture makes a house look small and may not be to the potential buyers liking. If you don’t want to get rid of furniture look for a removal company that have self-storage facilities to store items until the time is ready to move into your new home.

If you have children, ask them to select a few items to keep at home whilst the house is on the market.  and arrange for the excessive toys and books to be stored away until you’ve sold up and moved on.


3.  Give Décor A Spruce Up


It is worth giving your home a fresh coat of neutral paint.  Go through your home carrying out any repairs that need doing from caulking the bath to fixing doorknobs.

If your kitchen is looking a little dated, you may find painting or replacing the cupboard will make a big difference to how a kitchen looks. Make sure all lights are working in your home and replace any bulbs that are not.  Investing in some new bed linen and putting a few plants in bare corners will help make your house feel more homely.

4.  Give Your Home A Good Clean


A good clean makes a big difference.  Remember buyers tend to be quite nosy and love to open cupboard doors.  It is worth spending a whole day on cleaning your home to make sure that it looks perfect for when buyers come calling.  Make sure that you clean all windows inside and out.

If time is an issue, you may want to hire a professional company to give your home a deep clean.  They will do everything from windows, carpets through to ovens.

After cleaning it is worth investing in some plug-in air fresheners to help keep your home smelling wonderful.

5.  Don’t Forget the Garden


Buyers are attracted to homes where they see a neat and tidy garden.   It is worth taking the time to look at your home as if you were a potential buyer and identify any work that needs doing to make your outside space more presentable.

Nearly a quarter of all potential home buyers wouldn’t be interested in looking at a home that didn’t have the right kerb appeal.  It pays to make sure your front garden and driveway looks at its best no matter the time of year.

Mow the lawn regularly and keep any hedges and bushes neatly trimmed. Remove any dead plants and give all paths and patio areas a good clean. Finally, set up a table and chairs in a sunny position where potential buyers could imagine themselves enjoying a coffee on their day off.

Hopefully, you will sell your property quickly and don’t forget! A tidy and de-cluttered house is also a lot easier to pack up and transport on your moving day. Luckily, local removal companies are here to help you on this very busy day.