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Moving Home? Here’s the Ultimate Stress-Free Moving Plan

So, you’ve found a new home, you’re offer has been accepted, you’ve a rough idea of a moving date and the time has come to start planning your move. As exciting as moving is, it can also be quite daunting – and stressful. What you need is a plan. But where do you start? Don’t worry, here at Stork Removals, we can help.

Follow our comprehensive two-month plan and you’ll minimise any stress, feel confident at every stage of the process and look forward to starting your new life in your new home. Interested in learning more? Keep reading.


8 Weeks Before You Move

Two months can seem like a long time, but, believe us, it’ll go quick. When moving home you need to organise your time productively, this way you’ll feel organise and in control from the get-go. The first thing we recommend you do is to research removal companies. Read online reviews, give them a call and check their availability and get a handful of quotes.

Once you’ve decided on the right removal company for you, book as early as possible. This gives you a better chance of securing their services. Remember to leave it no later than a month before you plan to move, this will you’ll likely be able to secure a removal companies service without nay hiccups.

This is also a great time to get your paperwork in order. Pop out and grab yourself a ring binder and some dividers. Having all your documents in one place will be invaluable as paperwork piles up. Why not have a checklist as your first sheet and tick off tasks as they’re completed. Keep all your quotes from removals companies in North London – wherever you live in the UK, receipts, home information and legal documents. Having your paperwork in order will prove especially handy. The more information you have, the less likely you are to misplace anything – or forget!


4 Weeks Before You Move

With four weeks to go, it’s time to get the wheels in motion. By now, you should know which removal company is best-suited to your needs. Confirm a date any time for them to arrive and how many vehicles and movers will be required.

It’s likely that you’ll need to have a wealth of packaging materials. Now’s the time to order cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and plastic bags. Should you require specialist packing materials, now’s the time to order that too. It’s also a good idea to start dismantling and packaging lesser used belongings to be prepared on the day of the move.

You’ll also need to measure some of your larger items of furniture. Having the exact dimensions of any wardrobes, tables or desks will help removal companies in Enfield, or anywhere in the UK, to proficiently and safely lift and place your belongings on the removal truck on the day of your move.


2 Weeks Before You Move

With the day of the move fast approaching, it’s time to kick your packing into high gear. Start completely packing all those belongings that aren’t essential prior to the day of your home move. Bigger items of furniture, such as dining room tables and chairs and armoires are a good place to start. If you can dismantle your furniture, do so – and don’t forget to clearly mark any boxes with their contents!

Arranging to move to a new house using one of the removal companies in Barnet, or another removal company throughout the UK in the week, is far preferable than moving during the weekend. Why? Less traffic and increased moving company availability. If you can get a couple of days off work, now’s the time to book it.

Also, don’t forget to contact utility providers at this stage. Inform electricity, gas, water, internet and phone company of your impending move and the date. This way you’ll be able to settle into your new home quicker, safe in the knowledge that you’re bills will be sorted.


The Day of the Move

So, the big day has arrived. It’s not uncommon for the whole experience to feel slightly chaotic. The most important thing to remember is not to panic! Make life as easy as possible for yourself. Be organised and have a plan for moving your belongings. This makes life much easier for removal companies – and for you.

Have you any pets? If so, it’s a good idea to ask a trusted relative or friend to watch them for the day. Chasing the family dog around the house is something you can do without today! If your children aren’t at school, it’s not uncommon you can leave them with trusted friends or relatives too. This will stop them from feeling unsettled and allow you to empty your home without any distractions.

Another good idea is to make sure that you always have your moving binder and checklist to hand.This way you can thoroughly tick off each room and all your belongings as they’re emptied from your home. The checklist is also handy when communicating with removal companies and letting them know what you want removed and if there are any breakables.

Finally, give your house a final check, say goodbye and then start your new life in your new home.

So, there you have it – the ultimate plan to make sure that your home move is completed successfully, with a minimum of hassle. Interested in learning more? Do you require the services of an established and reputable removal company in North London? Contact Stork Removals today on: 0208 3666 644.