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Packing Services

Packing up your belongings can be time-consuming and you may decide your chosen removal company should pack your possessions instead. Stork Removals offers a full packing service, a part-packing service, or a DIY packing service. We handle everything with the utmost care and attention.

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Packing Options

A full packing service involves preparing all of your belongings the day before the removal service. Our experienced team will box and wrap all items to have them ready for the move. The full range of packing materials used by Stork Removals is included in the full packing service.

A part-packing service covers packing fragile items only. We will expertly pack electronics, pictures, mirrors, ornaments, and kitchen contents including tableware ready for a smooth move. All packing materials used is included in the part-packing service.

A DIY packing service means that you can decide to do your own packing. Packing materials can be supplied by Stork Removals. Please contact us for a detailed price list of packing materials for moving house.

We offer to supply the packing materials free of delivery charges. Any unused packing materials can be returned and will not be charged for. Also, a limited number of moving boxes will be supplied to you free of charge as part of our removal services.


Stork Removals is a removal company in Enfield and operate throughout North London and mainland UK, making us the perfect moving house partner.


Our packing services can only be provided as part of our removal services. T&Cs apply.