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Top Tips for efficient packing

Room by Room

The best place to start is always with the non-essentials. For example, such items could be any winter or summer clothes that you no longer require and thick blankets that are no longer necessary. Once you have packed one box, subconsciously you will feel a lot better.

It is a good idea to put a box in each room of the house and place all of the non-essential items from that room into the box. Even if you set yourself a task to do a room a day, this will significantly help from an organisational point of view.

Another handy tip would be to avoid doing too much at once. If you get bored then the task will become more of a strain. We recommend you start planning at least two weeks prior to the big move which should give you plenty of time.


Label all your Boxes 

A great piece of advice would be to label all the boxes you pack. The more descriptive the label, the easier it will be for you. For example, you could label the box with the room you are packing and its content. This level of organisation will make the process of unpacking far easier especially when you are looking for a specific item.


Strong Boxes

Investing in good quality boxes will not be something you regret. It is far too easy to overload boxes making the transportation of them very difficult. The last thing you need when moving house is for your boxes to break. To make the process easier for you, Stork Removals will provide you with a number of high-quality boxes, free of charge.



We are all guilty of hoarding over the years, so moving house is the perfect opportunity to have a big clear out to ensure only items you want and need, make it to the new house. Having a big sort out prior to moving will also mean less to transport.

When it comes to the sort out – it is advisable to throw away any food that is unlikely to last transportation. Food in tins or plastic bags such as pasta is far easier to preserve and thus, easier to transport. In terms of plants, it is also worth doing some research into their likely chance of survival during transportation.

Removal companies tend to have rules on items that they will not move. These tend to include items that are considered to be ‘dangerous goods’ materials that are flammable, corrosive or explosive, unstable or illegal.


Handy box

Another excellent piece of advice would be to create a ‘handy box ‘of essentials with everything you would need for the first night in your new home. This would usually include things such as a teapot, crockery, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, pyjamas and anything else you feel is a necessity.


Dismantling Furniture

Larger pieces of furniture will need to be dismantled. It is advisable to keep all screws, bolts and other small fixings enclosed in a small bag and stick to the corresponding piece of furniture. Just in case the small bag gets displaced during transportation, it is worthwhile to write on the bag what piece of furniture it correlates to.



If you have taken the time to pack in such a meticulous and organised way, then it makes sense to take the same care when it comes to unpacking the boxes at your new home. Moving into your new home is your chance to start afresh and arrange everything where you want it.


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If you follow these simple tips, then your packing experience will run a lot smoother. However, if you are still dreading the packing and want professional help, Stork Removals offers a range of professional packing services. To find out more about this service please see our ‘removals’ page. If you wish to find out more information on any of our other services, please call us on 0208 3666 644.