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Three Helpful Hints For Packing Your Possessions

Packing up your possessions and moving can seem like an overwhelming prospect, but if you plan out your move in advance, things can go surprisingly smoothly. Most people spend more time stressing about a move than they do preparing for it, so what you need to do is develop a plan of action and implement it. If you already know when you’re moving and where you’re going, the most difficult thing left to do will be packing your belongings. These three helpful hints should make this process as painless as possible.

1 – Give Yourself Plenty of Time

If you break up the packing into a series of small jobs, it will seem much easier. Give yourself at least a week, and gather all the boxes and other packing materials you will need in advance. An easy way to pack is to dedicate yourself to only one room per day, or even one room per two or three days if you want to relax and go slowly. Pack up everything in the room except necessities, and line the boxes up against a wall. When you’re finished, don’t feel obliged to go on to another room. Relax, have a coffee or perhaps even go out at night to unwind. After all, you’ve left yourself plenty of time.

2 – Label Everything

It seems like an obvious tip, but you can forget even the simplest things during the stress of a move. After you pack up and seal a box, immediately write the name of the room it’s from using a permanent marker. Next, add subheadings listing exactly what’s in the box as you don’t want to be desperately rummaging through boxes looking for a bottle opener, for example, after you move into your new home.

3 – Enlist the Aid of a Reliable Removal Company

The easiest way to avoid the stress of transporting your possessions is to leave it to the professionals. A removal company can load up all your boxes and furniture for you, and will ensure that everything arrives safely.

Here at Stork Removals, as a company that covers mainland UK, we can make the process even simpler by providing you with the boxes and packing materials you need, and can even store your belongings if you want to de-clutter your home before moving. Moving is an exciting experience, but it doesn’t have to be stressful as well.