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The Importance Of A Home Visit To Give A Quote, Rather Than A Phone Quote Or Booking

Are you looking for a reliable, professional removal company? Stork Removals is a family run business with over fifteen years of experience offering both removal and storage facilities in North London and mainland UK that will not let you down.

There are several reasons why we stand out from other removal companies, one of the main ones being our underlying commitment to exceptional customer service. Part of our services includes a home visit to give you a free quote on our removal and storage services. Receiving a quote after this home visit is far more reliable than having a quote over the telephone for several reasons.

1. Honest Price

Our objective is to provide you with a fair and honest quote. To do this, we will attend the property and gather as much information as possible to obtain the most realistic quote. The information to be considered includes things such as, the volume of materials to be transported, the distance travelled, ease of access and whether you require special care for some items. From both parties perspective, it is far better for us to see what we will be transporting so we can come as equipped as possible, and avoid misquoting a price. The quote provided will be a fixed price rather than a price that is given over the phone which could be subject to change.

2. Safety

From a safety point of view, home visits are important for our clients as it is reassuring to have met the removal specialists prior to them entering your home. Every ‘Stork Removal’ employee is required to wear a uniform. Not only does this help to maintain our professional, smart business reputation, but also ensures all our workers are easily identifiable to our clients.
Our uniformed removers are trained to treat your belongings and property with the utmost of care. You can rest assured that your property will be in safe hands. Every employee at Stork Removals is trained to a very high standard. To emphasise our dedication to excellent customer service, we also allocate each client a designated member of the team for you to contact directly should you have any queries.

3. Preparation

A further reason why home visits are so important when providing clients around North London with a quote is that it gives both parties the opportunity to adequately prepare and thus, ensure removal day runs as smoothly as possible.
From the client’s point of view, having a home visit is beneficial as it gives them the opportunity to ask questions and receive constructive advice on packing. This could be anything from having a general overview on the best way to pack to advice on dismantling furniture and which items should be packed safely and securely. If required, ‘Stork Removals’ can also provide you with boxes and other packing materials to help make the process as hassle-free as possible for you.

4. Accurate

The price that we provide for you is accurate and fixed. However, once you have this quote, there is still no obligation to use our removal or storage facilities.

5. Less Chance of Time Delays

It will also avoid time delays on the removal company’s part. How many times have you been in the situation where an engineer or specialist has called your house for directions? Having this visit prior will allow our team to find the best route to your house, familiarise themselves with the roads and determine any logistics with the aim of eradicating any chance of time delays. It will also give the removal specialists a better idea about which van will be required and the parking situation. Assessing proper access to the property is extremely important from a time management point of view as it will ensure the right team gets dispatched on the day and there are no issues.

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