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A Guide to Moving House In The Winter

Winter can be a difficult time to move house what with the unpredictable and potentially harsh weather conditions making moving day far more difficult than it would be in finer weather. However, with the right planning and preparation, there is no reason why your winter move shouldn’t run smoothly, so to help ensure this we at Stork Removals have devised a guide to help you effortlessly move house at this time of year.

Moving in the Rain

Here are a few tips to ensure that your move during winter rain goes off smoothly and hassle-free.

• Have the removal van parked as close to your house as possible to prevent your boxes and belongings getting wet when they are being loaded onto the van.

• Divide the removal crew into two teams. Keep one team outside to loads the goods and the other team indoors to bring all the boxes to the front door. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about the removal crew coming into your home with wet and dirty shoes as you’ll have one team inside and the other outside.

• For carpets, make sure you protect them if the removal team will be coming in and out with wet feet by laying down old sheets and blankets.

Moving in the Snow

• Be sure to check the weather forecast in advance. If it doesn’t sound good and lots of snow is anticipated on the day of your move, it is advisable to salt your driveway to make it easier for the removal van to access your property as well as being safer for all those in the vicinity.

• The worst thing about snow is the chill factor and it isn’t great fun to be out and about working in it. With this in mind, ensure all those helping with your move are provided with plenty of hot beverages to keep the chill at bay and morale high.

If you intend on moving home this winter, call on us to complete your removal efficiently, quickly and affordably, no matter what the weather. We have more than 10 years of experience, and believe in providing full removal packages to our customers so can supply boxes, packing materials and other items necessary to help make your move hassle-free. Regardless of the weather conditions during your move, you can rely on Stork Removals to ensure that your household items reach their destination in the most safe and secure manner possible.