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5 Quick Fire Tips For Handling Pets On Moving Day

Moving can be a tense experience. With enough stress and struggle to drive you into meltdown, it doesn’t feel like fun being buried beneath boxes and belongings. Yet, we all know moving comes with its own sweet reward as there’s nothing like taking up residence in a new home with different surroundings. If you’re a pet owner, there is a lot of adjusting your cat or dog will need to do too, so we at Stork Removals have a few tips to offer.

1) Lessen the Stress

Staying calm and relaxed on moving day will help your pet adapt to the change in a positive way. Dogs admire ‘alpha’ type owners, so rather than worrying, prepare to be proactive. Relieve your pet of unnecessary anxiety and fear by acting as if you have things under control.

2) Confine Your Pet

Whether your pet is a cat, bird, fish or dog, keep them in an empty room away from the chaos of movers, boxes and furniture. Place your cat or dog in a room they are unable to escape from, closing doors and leaving windows slightly ajar to prevent any disappearing acts but keeping the room nice and airy.

3) Follow a Routine

Where possible, follow your usual routine and exercise your dog/s well before the moving van arrives. Taking a walk with your pet will not only give you a breath of fresh air but will also allow you both to have one last look at the old neighbourhood.

4) Update Tag/s

Remember to update your pet’s identification tag with your new telephone number and contact details. Should your animal suddenly take fright and run away in your new location, you can be certain their collar information will help you be united again.

5) Favourite Bedding

Arrange to have your pet’s most comfortable bedding ready for them to settle on. With the familiar smell of their soft blankets and toys already in the new home, your cat and/or dog will find it less of an effort to cope with life in a strange environment.

Time To Move?

Whenever you and your pet/s have a new home to move to, we at Stork Removals are ready and waiting. With an expert team available to help, you can trust us to handle your move from one location to the next. Contact us for a quote today.